The thermic treatment I give on the forged blades is with electric oven controlled with electronic pyrometer, so that it is maintained a constant hardness average in the steel I work with.
In this way I can achieve the perfect point of the selected steel as indicated by its features.


One of the embellish techniques we apply to our pieces is the inlay. It implies the encrusting of different materials like metal (gold, silver, copper, etc.), pearl, semi-precious stones, bone, etc., in the wood or metal. This technique is, among others, an enormous contribution of my wife, Celia Velazco, a well-known master artisan due to her skill in the production of her work, and she incorporates her knowledge into my pieces.


This technique allows us to engrave metal with sharp tools that can shape drawings and adornment on ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
Although I acquired the basics of engraving in the jewelry work I carried out some years ago, I can currently incorporate this wonderful technique to improve the design and finish of details.


Among all the techniques I perform, this is, no doubt, the one I consider the main character that has conquered me through hot metal sculpting.
This physical and chemical transformation of an element, though inanimate, allows us to witness clearly its metamorphosis, freezing the path in its plastic state, and letting us fuse together the dialogue among mind, body and steel.


The forged surface gives me the chance to “polish” through various elements like files, sandpaper, milling cutter, etc., and discover what lies inside a Damascus steel, and at the same time, “emerge” layers of different alloys which give clear evidence of the drawing created with a forge.


With the help of burins, gouges and chisels, Celia (my partner in my life) displays her work on different elements that afterwards will embed.


Over the years, I gained knowledge of many techniques applied to jewelry, lamination, such as smelting, drawing, fretwork, welding, setting, stoning, forging Mokume and Kum Bo, textures, patinas, etc., which makes it possible for me to work more comfortably on the created design.


The warmth of wood allows us to combine in harmony with steel, through techniques such as carving, the inlay, marquetry, etc., achieving a balance in my work.

"Some people say the hammer and the burin shy away from their encounter"
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